Michelle Graham

Portfolio: 2012/2013 Illustrations: The Adventures of Jonathon Moore by Peter Greene

Book Illustrations

Book Illustrations for the teen adventure book 'Castle of Fire' by Peter Greene


Winner of the Adventure Writers Competition Grand Master Award
-sponsored by the 2012 Clive Cussler Collectors Society

Recent reviews:

" A robust story of a young lad in the british navy during the Nelson years. A thorough insight and beautiful portrait of those days under wind blown sails and the creak of wooden hulls.   Peter Greene has created a story that shines from every page."
-Clive Clussler- New York Times Bestselling Author
"A Heartwarming tale of a boy essentially orphaned in search of his father, the novel never ceases to entertain. Greene's swashbuckling tale of high-seas adventure is pure, uncomplicated fun!"
- Kirkus Reviews